We are moving and we are hiring!

Biomachina.org found a new home at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Willy Wriggers will be the Frank Batten Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. ODU has a long tradition in government and industrial applications of 3D modeling and visualization. We will complement the growing number of computational life sciences and biomedical engineering programs on campus.

We are seeking a loyal and highly motivated scientist to join the lab as a visiting scholar or research associate as soon as possible. This position will be funded from Dr. Wriggers' personal endowment so it could be for any time period, from a few months to permanent.

Laboratory information: 

Software favorites: 

  • Situs (popular multi-scale docking and modeling suite developed since 1998)
  • ModeHunter (coarse-graining, elastic network model, domain motion analysis tools)
  • Sculptor (multi-scale molecular graphics program developed by our lab since 2001)
  • TimeScapes (molecular dynamics analysis tools initially developed at D. E. Shaw Research).