Welcome to biomachina.org,

a computational life science laboratory founded in 1999 by Willy Wriggers.

    "The biomolecular machinery of the cell exhibits emergent behavior in both the temporal and spatial domains: As observed in long-timescale computer simulations or in models of large-scale biological systems, the behavior that emerges on these scales is not only more than the sum of the (temporal or spatial) parts, but quite different and unexpected. My work employs theoretical modeling and analysis techniques based on first principles of physics that bridge between temporal and spatial scales and thereby permit the study of complex biological phenomena".

Laboratory information: 

Software favorites: 

  • Situs (popular multi-scale docking and modeling suite which I developed with coworkers since 1998)
  • ModeHunter (coarse-graining, elastic network model, domain motion analysis tools)
  • Sculptor (multi-scale molecular graphics program developed since 2001)
  • TimeScapes (molecular dynamics analysis tools developed and deployed at D. E. Shaw Research).